We so often hopelessly go through life, as if it is something worth mourning. Our thought process is hooked on the thought of the future holding all of our happiness, when in reality, the future is now.We don’t know how long this flimsy world will last and realization hasn’t yet set in that the world can not and will not provide happiness. Our memories are what we need to cling to. The bitter-sweet ones, the good ones, and the ones that may even upset us. But we need to patiently wait for the right places to form those memories in, so we can shape our lives into something beautiful. We waste this life on a train, looking only directly out the window at what we can see and longing to be there; when in reality, the view on the other side of the train is where the conductor wants us to go.He’s leading us to it, trying to take us out of the door on the side where a much more lovely place is alive and waiting for us. It’s so stunning, but we are afraid to move. We’re afraid to get out of our seats, out of fear of falling. But if only we knew the enchanting places we would stumble upon, if only we took the risk. So instead, we remain in misery, waiting to go out into a place that isn’t quite as wonderful as it seems. Take the challenge to get out of your seat and walk along the narrow path that leads to the door containing the things that we dream of, but haven’t turned into reality, out of fear of those steps. It doesn’t matter if your knees are shaking or if you stumble along the way. The stares of those people may start a revolution. Just go. Run and don’t stop.The train will be waiting, but you just have to trust it.