When you’re up in the sky, rain looks so beautifully disastrous, doesn’t it?
Appearing as if it’s throwing itself viciously onto the ones that go through it’s path. Of course any non-believer would think “How could God bring so much rain upon the ones He loves?”
No one from an outside view, in a much higher place than those beneath it, would voluntarily go through such an experience. What they don’t know, is that through these storms, an inner peace is present. As the rain falls, shelter can be provided, so you can watch it with joy, warm and blissful, and sometimes the right person will accompany you through it, making that comfort grow. You will soon realize that the storm can be enjoyable, and will actually help you in the long run, quenching your thirst and helping you grow. Some people pray for the storms you have, for they’d rather have storms than dehydrate in the drought, praying for something to make their world change. You see, God allows us to experience these wonderfully tragic things for a reason and He ALWAYS makes them something worth appreciating. Even at the end, He’ll provide a rainbow. He’s amazing at that; bringing the good out of what seems to be tragic, depending on how you look at it. The bitter-sweet things about storms is that it’s always different clouds providing them; never the same one. Some clouds are more beautiful than others, but you always end up seeing the beauty in the shapes of the clouds, watching them form as the rain progresses, and watching the colors change. Now you understand that when we put ourselves in a higher position than others, we don’t see the beauty that those that are below us do. So would that make us spiritually in a lower position, making ourselves equal with them in a way? Absolutely. So humble yourself as much as possible, so you, too, can embrace the beauty and see God’s purpose for these storms.


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