Your heart rests upon whatever it is that you find is consuming your thoughts late at night, saying “You can sleep in a few more minutes; meanwhile, just listen.”
And you listen, because that’s what you would rather be doing; listening to your brain ramble on and on about this dream. This dream that you wish to fulfill with certain people and amazing places, and no matter how much you think of how it won’t happen, you refuse to let it go. You could be having actual dreams, but instead you choose to see the same dream that you’ve dreamt so many times before.
It’s like the sky; no matter how much you look towards it and gaze upon it, it’s so out of reach. But listen when I say, that sky will come crashing into your life one day in the most beautiful and mysterious way. You won’t even notice until you look away from the clouds and find yourself consumed by the blue that you wanted to get lost in for so long.
The sky will be a sunset, a beautiful, beautiful sunset; and that sunset will be so much more than the blue you wished for. Your dreams were filled with one color, looking at only one possibility. But once you start looking at a broader amount of choices is when you will see so much more than you were looking for. God will bless you with so much more here than you ever wished for, as long as you get your head out of the clouds and realize that you have been dreaming of this reality all along. So listen to your heart at night when it asks you to stay and listen to your dreams for awhile, but allow yourself to have rest in your reality.


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